Paint-Making Project

One Step One [sic]

Ever since I encountered the drawings and artistic practice of Diane Hoffman, I have been interested in making my own paint. She made her own and her collection of pigments, as well as the materiality of the whole process, mesmerized me. But for over a decade, I have not really actually taken any steps to make paint. But lately, I have been considering it and so today I took the first steps to the first possible paint-made-by-self. I looked at several processes and captivated by the work and process of Sabine Brosche.
I realized that my desire to make paint went a bit deeper. I wanted to make pigment. Today, I took the first steps by walking with my dog Red along the edges of the Little Magothy River in Anne Arundel County, Maryland [The blue teardrop icon on this map is where I collected the samples]. I collected samples of various levels of soil/sand on the perimeter of the small peninsula. The riverbed was clear enough and the tide was low enough that I encountered sand and then various sandy/clay soils. The samples are now drying and I will take it from there.


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