Mental Health Professionals-R-Us

So, I'm just going to keep posting the stupid-ass stuff that college administrators keep sending adjunct faculty. Apparently, by completing an 8-hour workshop (for which we will  not be compensated, naturally), we adjuncts are going to help decrease the appalling number of suicides among 15-24 year olds in the United States. From: [an actual mental … Continue reading Mental Health Professionals-R-Us


Welcome to Class, Kids!

I recently received this memo from the "Vice President for Learning" at the community college where I teach. I have never read an administrative memo that so insulted the intelligence of faculty members. There are many problems with this memo, which I could (and might) pick apart ad nauseam. For now, I will let the … Continue reading Welcome to Class, Kids!

Trump v. Sister Elizabeth, RSM

The White House is pitching fear again, as it has done every single decade of my life. I am in my fifth decade now and I am bloody well tired of it. I wish I could assume the comportment of casual cynical ennui. I wish I could roll my eyes and SMH. But something very serious is going on again, and I cannot bear to turn away entirely. I can, however, take steps to insure that the fear I know so well does not envelop my body and cloud my mind entirely.

I Am Worried about Rachel Maddow

And while everyone in the MSNBC evening line-up has offered us tree after tree of beautiful and satisfying truth, they have failed to consider the forest: Donald Trump is not now, nor has he ever been, the legitimate President of the United States.