Our Biggest Problem, Michael Moore, is Misogyny

I like you, dude, I do. Respect your work. You usually tell hard truths.

But then you write stupid ass stuff like this: “Our biggest problem here isn’t Trump – it’s Hillary.” First of all, you are still breaking down 2016. That’s fine, but don’t be one of those guys who is still hand-wringing about 2016 whilst opining that Hillary just won’t stop talking about 2016. Second,the article you are purporting to write is about why DJT will win a second term. There will be no “Hillary problem” in 2020. Stop opining: it makes you time travel. Third, you claim that the “enthusiasm” just isn’t (wasn’t?) there for Hillary. Who gins up all that enthusiasm? The candidate alone? Hardly. Your own analysis relies on positing DJT of a master-manipulator of the media. So, again, who gins up enthusiasm? The candidate, yes, in league with the media. Fourth, if I voted based on the outcome of one candidate’s vote, I would never vote at all. You claim that you swore you would never vote for Hillary on the basis of her Iraq War vote. Very principled. I swore I would never vote a second time for Barack Obama because of the planetary not-so-secret-drone war taking out civilians by the dozens. (Hundreds? Thousands? We will never know.) But when it came time to do the right thing, overall, I sucked that up and pulled the lever for O.

I vow I will not pay to see Fahrenheit 11/9 because I don’t need another white guy telling me to blame Hillary.

Because I know where the blame lies. Because our biggest problem here is not DJT, nor HRC, nor any singular human. Because our biggest problem here is misogyny.

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