Recent Portraits

I am not terribly good at drawing portraits. But I keep trying. This summer I have been painting with a group of women with whom I took Portrait I in Spring 2018 semester. We have met every week, and we have been modeling for one another. It has been a great experience, not least because it inspires me to keep making art.

Recently, I abandoned my quest for depicting the models’ likenesses and have just gone with my own stylized version of what I feel from the models. In that sense, I would say these are three of my favorite pieces from the summer. All of them were done in 2-3 hour sessions, with the models sitting for 20 minutes and then taking a break. In other words, they are pretty rough. I am not sure whether or not I will keep working on them. I just don’t think portraiture is my passion. But who knows . . .


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