Healing Green

After working on the “Cuntzilla Project” for the past week or more, I was emotionally exhausted. I decided to take a break and explore the life-affirming color green. Green has never been an easy color for me to work with; I have sometimes felt too overwhelmed by the extraordinary diversity that nature provides. There’s a strange dissonance though,  because I have never considered myself as enjoying an entirely comfortable relationship with the natural world.  I have supported environmental causes and I have tried to incorporate more green strategies for living into my life. But I never felt like environmental issues were my main jam. And nature itself has been a source of anxiety sometimes. The woods have scared me. But now? Now, I am feeling more protective of this planet and all of its life forms than I ever have before. Is this part of my aging process? Is it an outgrowth of my spiritual  practice?  I suppose it doesn’t really matter why I am feeling more close to the earth. But it does seem important that I am feeling closer to the earth. It’s a bit like starting a new relationship. I am intrigued and slightly light-headed with something that feels like love. Some of the paintings here are simply palettes, my experimenting with hues and intensities. Some of these may grow up to become paintings in their own right. For now, I am just enjoying working with these healing colors and beginning to tap into the soothing and immense power of the natural world.

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