Today’s Inspiration: Motion

I try to paint everyday. I did not paint today, but I continued some work on the “Cuntzilla Project.” It felt like a disappointment and a little scary as well. Because I do not want to lose momentum. Then, as I was heading towards sleepy time, I checked out my podcasts to see what I might listen to that would send me into my dreams with inspiration. I found this interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, from Krista Tippett’s OnBeing podcast: Choosing Curiosity over Fear. 

Gilbert talks about the frequent tedium in any creative (or spiritual) endeavor, and says that we must give ourselves credit for our motion.  “Did you do something today toward this thing, then you’re good. Was it great? No. Was it fun? No. But did you do it? Did you keep the ball rolling? Did you keep another step on that path going? Then you’re fine, that’s it.”

Tippett responds: “I love the idea of motion itself being a virtue.”

Me too.

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